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Maret’s 40th

The girls rallied a couple of friends together to have me capture some memories from the stylish dinner Maret & Conrad hosted for her 40th followed by a family session which I’m so looking forward to shooting! With friends like these, a family as gorgeous as theirs and home where everyone is welcome… what more […]

Jess’s 21st @ Grand Africa

Legs, long long legs, and more legs wherever you looked…. have I got your attention yet?  Good, because this was one party where if you had them, you’d be wanting to show them off and if you didn’t… (and I speak for myself here) well then you wished you had! Ok on a more serious […]

Kids Xing – DelVera

Moms & Dads, Kids Xing on DelVera is the most divine new kiddies party venue!  They launched hosting Mika’s 5th – and who would have guessed we would have had such a downpour in Feb!!  Needless to say it was a winner, the venue lends itself to all seasons and in typical farm fashion, they […]

A Texan Hoedown in typical Damarakloof style!

I thoroughly enjoy reflecting on a shoot during my drive home – this one in particular left me feeling really upbeat with a warm heart and overall really happy! (and no it wasn’t because of the insanely delicious soft-serve – with flake, that accompanied me from the party)…. it was because Id spent the evening […]

Jenny embraces 40!

This lady sure knows how to throw a party, perfect venue (yes yes I know Ive said it before but I do love their home!); decor most brides would give their left arm for;  fabulous – faaabulous food by Jamup Catering; great vibes during the cocktails not to mention the DJ who rocked the dance […]

Michaela’s big bash!

Oh to turn 21 again…. Michaela the birthday girl and little sis were out from Edinburgh for the occasion and had a massive night out at none other than Grand Africa – Granger Bay with a bunch of friends to boot (kinda felt like I was on the set of XOXO). Happy birthday girl! Firetribe […]

Chuckles @ 40

The man of the moment- Daneel & his lovely Alta recently celebrated his 40th @ Longridge with ‘a handful of his nearest & dearest’. Brilliant food, great venue and even better company.  Happy happy Chucks – here’s to a phenomenal year!


I love working with Warren so when I heard he needed additional shooters for a big birthday bash @ The Grand and I was available I got very excited.  When I heard Johnny Clegg was one of the entertainers for the evening, well he had me at hello!  Turns out this wasn’t just any old […]