Gilad’s Bar Mitzvh – Part II

No rain for days and then out of the blue, torrential rain was forecast for one day & night only – the 16th – Gilad’s Bar Mitzvah @ Ohr Somayach – but that didn’t shop the show, not for a moment!

After a tremendous day for the Zinman’s with a downpour to match it, the heavens let up just long enough for their arrival on foot to the Shul that evening – and boy was that the perfect warm up for a fantastic evening of dancing (and man can they dance!), feasting and celebrating – all of course which make for awesome pictures!

I was humbled once more by just how all supporting and utterly amazing the Jewish faith is, how the religion that binds is so wonderfully embraced and how community is key.  How love is shared and enjoyed in the most unconditional way and family values are cherished above all.   Thank you Wendy & Tyrone for that and I can only hope you will re-live and love the moments below of Gilad, your amazing family and friends.



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