Hermanus Adventures – Cliff Path Night Run, 3 October 2012

The forecast didn’t look good… seemed we were in for yet more showers & we all wondered what the outcome of this one would be.  Anyways jumped in the car and headed though to Hermanus for this the second event of the festival.

True to form, the heavens opened around 4:30… we all waited in anticipation to see if anyone would arrive for registration from 5:30 – and they did, couldn’t quite believe it but they did!  What they were registering for was the 10km Cliff Path Night Run from Grotto Beach to Hermanus New Harbour.

At 7:30 with umpteen traffic officials, Sea Rescue and Marshal’s in tow, Paul sounded the start and they were off.

Well done guys & girls on an awesome run as well as to all involved who braved the downpour to pull this this incredible event together!

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