Hermanus Adventures – RACE DAY! 6th October

The big day was  finally upon us – I snuck out of bed early to catch the morning rays over the gorgeousness of the bay and then off to Curro School to cover the final  day of action for Hermanus Adventures 2012.

22km / 14km & 3km Trail Runs & 50km / 30km & 3km of some of the most magic & scenic MTB trails I’ve ridden, through the Hemel en Aarde Valley – well done Euodia on those!!

The man on the mic – Deon Bing kept us entertained all day long – best darn MC ever…. Sip provided endless cups of warmth yet again, Second Skins were on hand for those who needed some additional layers in the chilly weather and Euodia for any last minute bike bits and bobs.

An awesome day out, great prizes, lucky draws galore – don’t dare miss out on this event, same time, next year!
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